Know Jaisukhbhai Patel whose company got the responsibility of repairing Morbi bridge, when will it come to the fore

Morbi Group Collapse: On Sunday, 135 people have died after a suspension bridge on the Machhu river collapsed in Morbi, Gujarat. A total of 9 people have been arrested so far in this serious case, including two managers of Orewa Company. Orewa is the same company that got the responsibility of repairing and maintaining the Morbi bridge and now the name of the owner of this company, Jaisukh Odhavji Patel, is also in discussion at this time.

Know about the owner of Oreva Company, Jaisukh Patel

The name of the owner of Orewa Group is Jaisukh Odhavji Patel and people are curious about him that after all there is no responsibility of the owner of such a weak repair company that took the lives of 135 people. Orewa Company was responsible for the maintenance of Morbi Bridge, its owner Jaisukh Patel had made big claims about the strength of the bridge after the renovation, which collapsed after five days. Although his business journey has been interesting, but after the tragic incident of this bridge collapse, he has not said anything yet. Let us know how has been his journey…

Jaisukh Patel’s father Odhavji Patel had formed Ajanta Company
Odhavji Patel, father of Jaisukh Patel, started the Oreva Group in the year 1971 with three partners at a cost of Rs 1 lakh. At that time the stake of Jaisukh Patel’s father in the company was only Rs 15,000. However, the name of the company was named ‘Ajanta Transistor Clock Manufacturer’ which was divided among the three stakeholders in the year 1981. In the name of Odhavji Patel, the company was registered in the name of Ajanta Company and Odhavji acquired a considerable position in the business of wall clocks by making ‘Quartz Clock’. Ajanta became the world’s largest clock maker at that time and it is important to know here that Jaysukhbhai Patel’s father Odhavji Patel is also known as the father of wall clock in India.

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Jaisukh Patel is running the company under the name Oreva
After Odhavji Patel’s death in October 2012, the company was split between his two sons, out of whom Jaysukhbhai Patel got the company he named Orewa. Taking the word ‘O’ from the father’s name and ‘Reva’ from his mother’s name, he named it Orewa Company.

Jaisukh Patel also has political contacts
He has political contacts with both the Congress and the BJP and since the BJP has been in power in Gujarat for a long time, he is largely close to the BJP at the moment. His photos with many BJP leaders also appear on his company’s website. It is given on the website of Oreva Group that they have given financial help of two crore rupees for the check dam in Gujarat. This has provided irrigation facility to 21 hectares of agricultural land under the government’s watershed scheme.

Jaisukh Patel has also written a book
Jaisukh Patel has also written a book ‘Ran Sarovar’ in which it has been told that the company has planted more than one lakh trees in the company premises in Morbi and Kutch. In the year 2007, Orewa Group also received the Indira Gandhi Environment Award for saving the environment.

Will Jaisukh Patel apologize?

Now these questions are being raised all around that why Jaysukhbhai Patel is not coming in front even after the collapse of Morbi bridge and the death of 135 people and at least he should apologize for the negligence which has come to the fore from his side till now. Has not come.

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