Know the difference between heart attack and gas pain

With the changing times, the food habits and lifestyle of the people have changed. Due to bad lifestyle, people are facing many serious health problems. Often people are confused about whether their chest pain is related to gas or it is a heart disease. Many times people ignore the heart problem considering it as gas, due to which they have to suffer fatal consequences. Today, through this article, we will tell you the difference between the pain caused by gas and heart problem.

By the way, sometimes it becomes difficult to tell the difference between heart attack and chest pain. Because there is severe chest pain in both. The pain caused by gas occurs in the middle of the chest, whereas during a heart attack people feel severe pain on the left side of the chest.

What is heart attack?

Heart attack occurs due to coronary artery disease. This disease occurs due to the inability of proper blood to reach the veins. Due to blockage in the hot cartridge, our heart functions slowly. As soon as the blood circulation starts decreasing or stops suddenly, due to this only heart attack comes. It is also called cardiac arrest.

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symptoms of heart attack

-panic button
– breathing problem
– feeling light-headed
– Sharp pressure with chest pain

symptoms of gas

Abdominal swelling
– Indigestion
– loss of appetite
– Nausea
Gas pain often occurs in the chest as well as in the abdomen.

What is the difference between heart attack and gas pain?

The pain caused by gas problem occurs in your chest as well as in the head, but during a heart attack, this pain occurs rapidly on the left side of the chest.
– The problem of gas mainly comes due to food, but heart attack can come due to high blood pressure, stress, diabetes and obesity.
– If you have not eaten anything throughout the day, then due to this also you may have the problem of gas pain. Same, heart attack occurs when the artery is blocked and severe chest pain starts.

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