Know these important things before applying bubble face mask

Bubble Face Mask: One of the many face masks coming in the market is the bubble face mask. After applying this mask on the face, it starts forming bubbles. With this, the deep frozen dirt, oil on the face are cleaned and the skin starts glowing. There is a different kind of craze about these masks among those who use beauty products. Know what is the right way to apply bubble mask and what things should be kept in mind during this.

First do face clean

Before applying bubble mask or any mask, first clean your skin. For this, you can use your regular face wash or use any mild cleanser. If possible, wash the face with lukewarm water. This also removes dirt and oil and also opens the pores.

apply mask

Apply bubble mask on the face according to the information given on whatever type of mask you have bought from the market. They come in many forms like sheet masks, cream masks, clay masks, etc. Apply the mask you have taken properly on the face and protect the eyes and lips, as well as try not to get the mask on the hair.

wait for the bubble to form

After applying the mask, bubbles will start forming in it in no time. You will see that small bubbles are forming on the mask. This happens when the material lying in the mask comes in contact with oxygen. This process will take some time. Let it continue. More bubbles are formed in some masks and less in some. Do not worry about it and keep the mask on as per the instructions given on the pack.

massage face

When bubbles form, massage the face with light hands. With this, all the old dirt, blackheads, whiteheads are removed from the face. After rubbing for some time, wash the face with clean water. You will be able to see the difference on the skin as soon as you wash the face. The face can also be washed with lukewarm water.

don’t forget to moisturize

Finally, apply moisturizer properly on the face. For this use your regular moisturizer but apply it properly and in good quantity. Actually face masks clean the face but also make them dry. To avoid this dryness, take these measures. Try not to go out in the sun after this or apply this mask at night.

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