Know what is Alzheimer’s, due to which the hero of Thor film has to take a break from the industry

Alzheimer’s Treatment: Alzheimer’s is a serious brain disease. Today its discussion is necessary because Chris Hemsworth, the hero of Hollywood’s famous movie THOR, has come under the grip of this dangerous disease. He himself has given information about having Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the next stage of dementia. The symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s are the same. However, in Alzheimer’s these symptoms become more serious in nature. This disease can be avoided to a great extent by lifestyle changes, yoga, exercise and better sleeping time. Do you know why this disease occurs? Because of this and many more.

Why does Alzheimer’s happen?
Doctors say why Alzheimer’s happens? The clear reasons for this have not yet come to the fore. Still, if it is understood, the protein in the brain is not able to function normally. For this reason, the work of brain cells (neurons) starts getting obstructed and they are not able to function properly. Toxic toxins start accumulating in the brain and neurons get damaged. This is a major reason for the occurrence of this disease. Alzheimer’s disease often begins in the area of ​​the brain where memory is controlled. For this reason, problems related to memory arise. The patient is unable to remember things for a long time. This disease later starts affecting other parts of the brain as well.

What do Alzheimer’s symptoms look like?
Patient forgets even the conversation. Forgetting the place of things, Forgetting the way to familiar places, Forgetting the names of close people, Difficulty identifying objects, Difficulty speaking, Failure to find words, Difficulty thinking and debating, Difficulty recognizing numbers , Decreased decision making power, cooking, difficulty in doing any favorite work, difficulty in playing are included. The patient may have difficulty in bathing, washing and dressing many times.

causes of alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease is also a disease associated with age. As the age increases. The chances of getting this disease increase. This disease is also linked genetically. That is, if someone in the family, grandfather, grandmother, mother, father or brother-sister is suffering from the disease, then it is more likely to pass on to the next generation. People suffering from Down syndrome get this disease. This disease is seen more in women than in men. Head injury, air pollution causes this disease. Lack of sleep, this disease is seen in people who do not sleep at the right time. Less exercise, obesity, high blood pressure, uncontrolled type 2 diabetes patients are more prone to Alzheimer’s.

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This change in behavior is visible
Depression, distance from people, being upset, change in sleeping habit, irritability, confusion about anything or work are included.

what is the treatment
Doctors say that Alzheimer’s cannot be cured completely. If the occurrence of this disease is known on time, then with the help of medicines, the speed of its growth can be slowed down, so consult a doctor immediately if symptoms appear.

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