Know what was the childhood dream of Kishore Kumar, you will feel shocked as soon as you know!

Kishore Kumar Death Anniversary: It has been more than three decades since Kishore Kumar, who ruled millions of hearts with his succulent voice, left the world. On 13 October 1987, this brilliant singer had said goodbye to this world. Kishore Kumar has become the voice of every big actor of his time in his illustrious career. Kishore Kumar has also worked with singing, acting, script writing, songwriting and as a producer-director. However, he is counted among the very famous singers of the film industry. Kishore Kumar had a dream since childhood. Let’s know about this dream of his.

Kishore Kumar’s dream

Kishore Kumar was the younger brother of veteran film actor Ashok Kumar. Kishore Kumar was born in a very wealthy family on 4 August 1929 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh state. Kishore Kumar had only one dream since his childhood that he should earn more money than his elder brother and brilliant actor Ashok Kumar. Kishore also fulfilled his dream. In the seventies to eighties, he was counted among the most expensive singers. With this, he was counted among the very rich artists.

felt like dying

Kishore Kumar understands things very well. It is said that Kishore Kumar had already realized his death. This has been disclosed by Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar himself. Amit had mentioned in an interview that the problem related to heart attack was already there, even on that day he joked about his illness and said that if you people called the doctor, then really heart attack. There will be an attack, and on the same day due to a heart attack, this veteran singer bid farewell to this world.

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