Know why intestines leak, there is a risk of getting diseases like Alzheimer’s-Diabetes

Leaky Gut Symptoms: Intestines play a major role in the digestive system. The liver digests the food and the intestine works to take out its remains. Busy lifestyle and irregular eating habits lead to intestinal problems. But do you know that if you do not take good care of the intestines then there can be a problem of intestinal leaks. Many types of physical problems start happening when the intestine leaks. It should be treated immediately when symptoms appear.

How does the problem of intestinal leaking happen?
Doctors say that there is a layer of epithelium on the intestines. It works to absorb all the digestive elements. But when it becomes excessive, then a large number of toxic toxins start forming. Due to this, the infection in the intestines increases and swelling starts in the intestines. Later the problem of intestinal leaking arises. This problem can be due to genetics and bed life style. Intestinal inflammation occurs due to genetic conditions and changes in the digestive system. This increases the problem.

These are the factors of leaky gut

Doctors say that eating junk food, gluten daily can become a factor in intestinal leaking. If you look at other reasons, this problem arises when you eat dairy, processed sugar, alcohol, infection, presence of virus, growth of bacteria and less rest. If there is less fiber in the food and taking more sugar and saturated fat, then the problem can increase. Sometimes there can be problems due to excessive intake of pain killers, ibuprofen, naproxen and anxiety.

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identify with these symptoms
There can be different symptoms of the disease. Talking about normal symptoms, swelling in the intestines, loose motion, constipation, stomach cramps, mental irritability are included. Doctors say that auto-immune diseases can occur due to intestinal leakage, multiple sclerosis, allergies, asthma, obesity, Alzheimer’s problems can also occur due to this.

what is the treatment
There is no medicine for leaky gut disease. To reduce its symptoms, regular exercise, lifestyle improvement, eating more fiber items, avoiding alcohol, smoking, not consuming processed sugar, etc. are included. If the problem is increasing more then a doctor should be checked immediately.

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