Know why there is no danger of WINTER WAVE of Corona in this winter

Corona Virus: Kovid wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. Lakhs of people have died due to the virus. Due to herd immunity and getting infected, the antibodies made in the body and the immune system developed due to the vaccine are trying to neutralize the virus to a great extent. But it should be kept in mind that the Kovid virus is still present in the air. People have started being negligent regarding the Covid protocol. Experts say that Kovid is a never-ending epidemic. There may be a decrease in new cases. But anyone, anytime, anywhere can come under the grip of this virus.

Winter Wave may come
The cold has knocked. Cases of cold, cough, cold, fever are being seen. Doctors say that with the arrival of winter, an increase in the case of Kovid can be recorded. The immune system has been strengthened due to the vaccine. In such a situation, Kovid will not remain in that dangerous form. But everyone needs to be alert. Doctors told that there is an increase in the incidence of common cold like symptoms in people. This could be a sign of having covid. Since the symptoms of winter flu and covid are almost the same. In such a situation, people need to get tested on time. Covid is trying to become fatal by mutating. May the winter wave of Covid not come. For this there is a need to be alert.

There can be trouble for a class
Both scientists and doctors are quite sure about this, yet there is a fear in their mind that any new variant of cavid may not become as deadly as the delta virus. However, doctors say that compared to the last two years, there have been very few cases of Kovid this year. This is a positive sign. However, Kovid can still trouble a section with weak immunity. These include people with comorbidities, the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

take these precautions
Doctors say that the effect of Kovid’s vaccine will remain for a time. People must keep taking booster dose. This will stop the spread of the virus. Apart from this, keep a distance of two yards. Wash hands with soap, sit in open and ventilated places, use alcohol based sanitizer, get vaccinated. If there has been corona recently, then booster dose must be given. If you are corona positive then isolate yourself. If the problem is increasing, see the doctor immediately.

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