Knowing these myths related to health, you will also say – we were being fooled

World Health Day 2023: ‘Health is Wealth’ A healthy mind develops in a healthy body… In today’s fast paced lifestyle, keeping oneself fit has become a big challenge. A person is considered to be in good health only when he is physically, mentally and emotionally, socially fit. The Corona epidemic has taught us to keep our health at the top of this run-of-the-mill life and only then give place to something else.

World Health Organization (WHO) Every year on 7th April to spread health awareness to the people all over the world. ‘World Health Day’ Celebrates as It was first celebrated in 1950. It is often said that the lifestyle should be like this to keep the health good. This should be done… that should be done. But many of us have many such myths related to health. Which we have been following for many years. Or should we say they are becoming stupid. Today we will talk about the same myth related to such health, which a large population has been following till date thinking it to be true.

These tips related to health are often given at home. Let us know that this is just a myth, there is also some truth behind it: –

Does not drinking water while standing really make any difference to the body?

Drinking water is very beneficial for both our body and health. It is important that there should never be a shortage of water in the body. But often people say that one should not drink water while standing… Today we will know whether it is really not right to drink water while standing? While drinking water, just take care of the temperature of the water. For your information, let us tell you that when water is drunk while standing, it passes through your food pipe with speed and falls in the lowest part of your stomach. Which can be harmful for health.

The speed at which water moves can also damage the stomach and surrounding organs. It can also affect your digestion. Kidneys filter better when we are sitting. On the other hand, when you drink water while standing, its effect is not the same. Due to which the kidney can be damaged.

For your information, let us tell you that by drinking water while standing, you can also complain of arthritis. When you drink water while standing, your thirst is not actually quenched. Whenever you stand and drink water, you always feel thirsty. At the same time, doctors also say that whenever you drink water while standing, drink it sip by sip. Avoid drinking a lot of water at once.

Do not go to bed immediately after eating food, instead take a walk for 10 minutes.

Walking after eating food always keeps your weight under control. Also, you will stay away from obesity. Walking after eating food keeps metabolism under control. Metabolism should always be under control, so it is important that you walk after eating food.
Stomach is always fine by walking. Also, the food gets digested immediately. For this we do not have to work separately. Walking after eating food releases endorphin hormones in the body. Due to which stress is reduced. Not only this, blood circulation is also good. A diabetic patient must take a walk after having food. Due to this, the blood sugar level always remains under control.

Does eating carrots improve eyesight?

Carrots contain Vitamin-A. That’s why eating it increases eyesight. This does not mean at all that X-ray vision will be like that.

Is not going to the toilet every day a disease?

Going to the toilet every day is a sign of a clean stomach. But if a person is defecating even for 3 days in a week, then his stomach is fine. Just he should not complain of constipation.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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