Kohli answered questions ranging from his favorite sweets to height and weight, read interesting interviews

Virat Kohli Short interview: Indian cricket team’s legendary batsman Virat Kohli is celebrating his 34th birthday today. His fans are very curious to know things related to Kohli’s personal life. In a short interview with Star Sports, Kohli has answered many questions related to his personal life. Kohli has made revelations about his favorite sweets to his favorite ground in Australia. Let’s know what Kohli told.

Kohli does not consider himself the GOAT of cricket

I don’t consider myself the greatest player in cricket. For me only two people qualify for this title and they are Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Vivian Richards.

Adelaide Oval is Kohli’s favorite Australian ground


I like to play at the Adelaide Oval. I like this ground from day one. My first Test century also came here and since then I started getting a little easier here. Whenever I play here, I feel very comfortable and I love this ground.

Kohli likes this South African sweet

One such dessert that I really like is Malwa Pudding from South Africa. I ate it in South Africa and it was tried by Zaheer Khan for the first time. I like i very much.

Kohli’s favorite among desi sweets is Gajar Ka Halwa

Among desi sweets, I love gajar ka halwa which contains khoya. We make very good Ragi Halwa at home. Adding roasted walnuts. Sometimes it’s too good to make.

What is Kohli’s height and weight

My height is probably 5 feet 11 inches. I am not sure. My height is between 74.5 to 75 kg.

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