Leave the habit of drinking like this for years

Whatever the word addiction is associated with is harmful to our body. Then whether it is addiction to studies or alcohol. Taking anything in excess can be harmful for the body. Often you must have read through posters, banners in public places that drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Inspite of it being written in big letters, people drink alcohol by being lazy. Unafraid of the side effects of alcohol, they lose their senses in intoxication. There are many people who understand the side effects of alcohol or its negative effects on the body in time and want to get rid of alcohol. But, do you know that if a person who has had a habit of drinking alcohol in the past suddenly quits it, then how will it affect his body? If not, then today through this article we will give you information about this subject.

Actually, it is not only with alcohol. Even if a person has been addicted to anything in the past, if he suddenly tries to get rid of it without consulting a doctor, it can have serious consequences on his health. Think of it in such a way that if a person has a habit of drinking tea 5 times a day and he suddenly drinks tea only once a day, then he will start having health problems like nervousness, restlessness etc. This is because the body has been addicted to that thing in the past.

The body can digest only so many drinks in a day

Jaslok Hospital & Research Center According to Dr. Shakira, General Medicine Consultant, our body can digest only one drink in 1 hour. Our body can digest only 3 drinks in a whole day. If a person drinks even after this, he may have serious health problems. These health problems do not appear immediately but gradually they destroy the body from inside.

Note, if you have made up your mind to give up alcohol or cigarettes and are mentally prepared for this, then first of all take a doctor’s advice. Because your body has been habituated to alcohol or cigarettes in the past for a long time and suddenly leaving it may disturb your body mechanism and you may have health problems. According to the Daily Star, if a person suddenly stops consuming alcohol, then these effects are seen in his body.

Heart increased heart rate
loss of appetite
being emotional
sudden increase in blood pressure
fatigue and nervousness
Unable to focus at one place
Problem of depression
Headache etc

There is no doubt that quitting alcohol can cause many problems in our body. Get benefits. But, it is worth noting that if you try to get rid of your ┬ábad habit without consulting a doctor, then you may have health problems. That’s why always contact the doctor before quitting alcohol-cigarettes and remove this bad habit by following the methods given by him step by step. Before kicking any habit, you have to be mentally prepared and have control over yourself.

How many days after quitting alcohol will the body become normal


Health experts tell that a person’s age, weight and habit of drinking depends on how quickly his body will start to respond properly. Understand it as if a person has been consuming alcohol for a long time, then his body will take more time to become normal, while if a person has been consuming alcohol for the last 6 months, then his body will detoxify quickly and the correct response will be given. Will do.

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