LIC can pay bonus shares to its investors, know what is the plan

LIC Dividend Payment Date 2022: Life Insurance Corporation of India is planning to make investors rich. Good news is going to come soon for those investing in LIC’s IPO. LIC plans to pay bonus shares or dividends to its investors.

share price will improve

Property may increase by 18 times 

Transferring something to the shareholders’ fund is a way of boosting investor confidence. With this decision, the total assets of LIC can increase by about 18 times from the current value of about Rs 105 billion. 

35 percent drop

When LIC was listed in the stock market. Since then the company’s stock has not been able to even reach the level of Rs 949 at the issue price of its IPO. The company’s stock closed at Rs 592.50 on Friday. Its all time low is Rs 588. LIC’s stock has fallen by more than 35 percent. 

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