Listen to those who give fake reviews of any product by taking money! government stick is going to run

Fake Review: Many fake review cases were coming to the fore on e-commerce websites. Due to this, dust was being thrown in the eyes of the users, because innocent users buy bad products on the basis of reviews. As a solution to this, the Department of Consumer Affairs has announced guidelines for rules to prevent fake reviews and ratings on e-commerce websites. These rules have been issued. Along with this, these rules apply to websites selling travel services, restaurants and consumer durables. In this news, we are going to tell what are these new rules and how will you benefit from them.

What are the new guidelines

Earlier this year, on June 10, a committee was formed to investigate fake and misleading reviews. After this, on November 21, new guidelines were issued to ban fake reviews and paid reviews. Under the new guidelines, if the company is found guilty, it can be fined up to 10 lakhs. These new guidelines for e-commerce companies have come into force from 25 November. The purpose of these new rules is to stop fake and paid reviews. E-commerce companies can no longer get fake and paid reviews done.

As per the new rules, once a consumer has posted a review, they will not be allowed to edit it. Furthermore, consumers who want to post a review have to accept the terms and conditions and provide their information. Platforms that will come under the new rule include Zomato, Swiggy, Tata Sons, Reliance Retail, Meta and Amazon.

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How will you benefit from the new rules

It is a general practice that e-commerce websites solicit reviews from customers, and post some of them. In addition to “stars” and text, reviews also include short videos and photos. These reviews not only build a company/brand but also help the customers to know how the product really is. Before buying any product, check customer reviews. Many news have come to the fore, in which people have posted fake reviews to sell a particular product.

These fake reviews mislead other customers to spend money on that product. With the implementation of the new rules, fake reviews will be removed on a large scale. This will give the customers a better picture of the business/product. Customers will be able to make more informed choices in purchasing goods online. This will give better shopping experience to the customer.

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