Look fashionable and avoid the cold, know how

Attractve In Winter: No matter how many challenges the winter season brings with it, women do not stop fashioning even in this season. All of you must have seen women in sleeveless and backless clothes in winter weddings. Women are ready to fight even against the cold to maintain their fashion. Even though she tries to show herself fabulous from the front, but from inside she is shivering with cold. For some, the cold is so severe that they remain sick for weeks after marriage. 

If you want to avoid cold in winter and want to look fabulous and stylish without spoiling your look, then you can try these tips.

Use a warm stole instead of a scarf

In cold weather, you can use a heavy velvet stole or a cashmere stole instead of a dupatta with your lehenga. This stole will also give you that retro feel and keep your body warm. 

Fleece tights worn under a lehenga

To avoid cold, you can wear nude, white or black colored fleece tights under your lehenga. Their length is till Thai and it is not even visible. Even if you dance and jump, it will not be seen by anyone. This will keep your body warm. 

Select Warm Fabric

In winter, if you are going to someone’s wedding or you have your own wedding, then choose warm fabric while choosing clothes. If the function is of night then wear silk or velvet. These clothes will give you a beautiful look as well as keep your body warm from inside. 

Wear full blouse instead of half

In winters wear full sleeve blouse instead of half sleeve to maintain your look and avoid cold. These days full sleeve blouse is also in trend and is available in many wonderful designs.

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