Loss of appetite is not a good thing, eat betel every day and save your health from deteriorating

Pann For Good Health: Excess of hunger is a problem in itself and loss of appetite is also such a big problem. Because in both the situations there is a bad effect on health. When hunger is high, then the person keeps on eating something continuously, due to which weight increases and digestion is also bad. Whereas due to lack of appetite or lack of appetite, the body becomes a victim of malnutrition and hundreds of diseases start growing inside.

There can be many reasons for loss of appetite. Poor digestion, ranging from chronic constipation to any serious illness. But first of all, try to improve this problem of lack of appetite with your food and drink. If you do not get relief, see a doctor immediately. You will also get relief in this problem by eating paan after home nutritious food.

benefits of eating betel leaves
Eating paan keeps many parts of the body healthy from teeth to intestines. Learn here…

to relieve constipation

  • If there is a problem of constipation, there are problems like restlessness, gas formation, heaviness in the stomach. In such a situation, you should consume paan after having a meal. Lime should not be used in this paan. Rather it should be a sweet paan prepared from fennel and gulkand.
  • By eating it, the pH level of your stomach is correct, due to which the stool accumulated in the stomach gets out. People who eat a paan every day after dinner, usually do not have the problem of constipation.

loss of appetite

  • Loss of appetite is also due to problems like poor digestion, constipation, disturbed the pH level of the stomach. Antioxidants and enzymes found in betel leaves balance the pH level of the stomach and trigger appetite-stimulating hormones by cleansing the stomach.
  • In chewing betel leaf, there is a lot of use of mouth, teeth and salivary gland, due to which the salivary gland becomes active and produces more amount of saliva. This saliva is very helpful in improving digestion and regulating appetite.

to keep teeth healthy

  • Teeth remain healthy by eating betel leaves. Because paan has to be chewed a lot, during this time there is also exercise of teeth and deep cleaning of the top layer. Due to this, the teeth become clean and beautiful as well as remain healthy by reducing the risk of cavity.
  • Even if you have a problem of bleeding gums, you must eat a sweet paan every day after dinner. Because it is beneficial in removing the problem of bleeding gums and maintains oral health.

keep this in mind

  • You must eat betel for digestion after having dinner every day, but after eating it, brush it before sleeping. Your teeth will be able to get the benefits of the properties of betel leaf only after you sleep after cleaning the teeth with a brush. Otherwise, yellowing and cavity will start bothering due to sleeping in dirty teeth.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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