Lottery worth Rs 166 crore, but no claimant came forward! Know what is the reason

Lottery News: Nothing can be said when whose fate will change. Recently, many lottery tickets have been sold at a service center in the Los Angeles area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica. Out of this, a reward of $ 2.04 billion i.e. 166 crores has come out on one ticket. The special thing is that even after the exit of such a big lottery, no claimant of this prize has come forward yet. The result of this lottery has been published with a delay of full 10 hours, in which it has been told that the number 10-33-41-47-56 has got the lottery. But the special thing is that number 10 has got the biggest lottery ever. This lottery is worth $2.04 billion. Apart from this, a golden ticket worth $1 million is also to be sold in this service center.

22 people got 8.13 crore lottery
Giving information about the lottery price, the officials said that the biggest lottery in the whole of America is the biggest lottery of $ 2.04 billion i.e. 166 crores. This lottery has been taken by the person who buys a lottery from any of the 16 states. According to officials, the place where the person bought this lottery ticket had bought the ticket from Joe Service Center in Altadena, California. It is worth noting that till now no claimant has come for the price of this lottery. Officials say that only one who believes in luck will get such a big reward.

According to the report published in USA Today, 22 tickets have also been sold across the country, whose price value is $ 1 million i.e. Rs 8.13 crore lottery. This time the winning ticket number of the lottery ticket has been announced with a delay of full 10 hours, but till now no lottery ticket winner has been revealed. Now the thing to be seen is when the claimants of all these tickets come in front of the officials.

A person got a lottery of 250 crores in China-
Apart from America, a surprising case has also come to the fore in China, in which a person has got a lottery of 219 million yuan i.e. about 250 crore rupees. This person is a resident of Guanxi Zhuang province of South China. It is worth noting that even after winning such a huge prize money in this lottery ticket, this person has not informed his family about this victory. Along with this, when the person came to take the price amount in front of the media, he had got a cartoon character’s getup. With this he wanted to hide his identity from his wife and children. With this, he told that he does not want to tell his family about the lottery because it can make him lazy.

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