Luxury cruise can be enjoyed in India too, amazing views will win your heart

LuxuryCruz Rides In India: Sitting on a cruise is the dream of many people. There should be blue sky above and the view of blue water below will be worth seeing. Usually we see cruises in movies. We see most of the use of cruise in foreign countries, but do you know that there are many such luxury cruises in India too, which enjoy world class cruise ride. Yes, you heard it right, India’s cruise industry is huge and there are many luxury cruises which compete with the world’s biggest cruises in terms of luxury. However, to travel in these you also have to pay a hefty amount. So let us tell you about the luxury cruises available in India without any delay.

Famous of India luxury ship

1. Costa Neoclassica Cruise: If you want to travel from Mumbai to Maldives via cruise then Costa Neoclassica is the perfect cruise for you. Costa Neoclassica is known for its 5 star facilities. Here you will feel like a full 5 star hotel. The journey is completed in 8 days. In the cruise, you will be able to enjoy all the facilities like spa, movie hall and casino. However, for this 8 days journey you will have to spend 65 to 70 thousand rupees.

2. Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise:Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruises is known for its luxurious voyages. This cruise starts from Kerala and will take you from Alleppey to Vembanad. You can take a view of the backwaters of Kerala during this journey. You will get all the luxury even in this cruise Facility will be available for which you will have to pay around 65 to 70 thousand rupees.

3. Controversy Cruise: If you choose Badvada Cruise to visit the jungles of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, then your journey will be really good. Like all cruises, in this cruise also you will get facilities like 5 star hotel. You can enjoy the mangrove forests during the 4 days journey of Sundarbans. The cost of this ride comes to around 25 thousand.

4. Angria Cruises Angria Cruises offers a luxurious cruise ride between Mumbai and Goa. This cruise has 8 restaurants, lounge, swimming pool and many entertainment activities. Through this cruise, you will visit many cities of Maharashtra. The fare of Angria Cruise comes to about 7 thousand rupees.

5. MV Mahabahu Cruise

Starting from Guwahati, this Mahabahu cruise takes you on a sightseeing tour of the major tourist destinations of North East India. From this you will be able to see the beautiful view of Kaziranga National Park, Peacock Island. The fare of this cruise with a journey of 7 days is category wise, which you can pay for their You can know from the website.

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