Mahatma Gandhi was seen on silver coins with Ganesh-Lakshmi, demand increased in the market

Silver Coin With Mahatma Gandhi Picture: Markets are decorated across the country for Dhanteras and Diwali 2022. Let us tell you that on this occasion, there is a demand to buy different types of gold-silver coins in the market. This time the silver coin with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi is in the most demand. In this news we are going to tell you about its demand.

Coins of Ganesh and Lakshmi are enhancing the beauty
You know that on the occasion of Dhanteras, some of the markets of the country get lit up. Silver coins of Ganesh and Lakshmi ji are enhancing the beauty of the coin market. Their demand remains the same. A lot of silver coins with the picture of Ganesh-Lakshmiji are being bought for worship.

People asking for patriotic coins
According to the bullion traders of Delhi, the silver coin with the picture of Mahatma Gandhi is patriotic. Along with this, people are asking for a silver coin with great personalities like Subhas Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Bhagat Singh.

people not taking queen’s coins
According to the bullion merchants, people used to carry a silver coin with Queen Victoria earlier, but this time a silver coin containing the great personalities of their country is being asked, due to which it is being made. He has tried that this time instead of a coin reminding the British rule, people with patriotic coins should take it with pride. When we have Gandhiji’s picture on our currency, then why is it not in silver coins? Also, Gandhiji is replacing Queen Victoria.

different types of coins
Along with these coins, different types of silver Ganesh-Lakshmi ji idols, silver Hanuman ji. Silver temple, silver kalash, silver worship hall, silver lota, silver plate, silver cup-plate etc. are available in bullion shops. Today you can get hallmark testing of any silver item. This test will be done in just Rs 235. By conducting a hallmark test, people get silver or gold items checked.

When did the trend of silver coin start
Let us tell you that the history of silver coins in India is very old. In 1835, the coin of William of the British Government was printed. Queen Victoria’s coin was printed in 1840. The Queen’s coin came as an emperor in 1874. George’s coin came in 1938 and then another coin came in 1945 and these silver coins are in trend.

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