Make coffee in this way in water not in milk, you will forget the coffee of the market

Morning Coffee: A perfect cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for the whole day. For a good and great coffee, many times people also try to make coffee at home. The two names that come to mind as soon as we take the name of coffee are ‘CCD’ and ‘Starbucks’. But it is not possible to make coffee like them at home. If you are also a coffee lover, then we bring you tips for making coffee with CCD and Starbucks. With this, you can make CCD coffee in less than 2 minutes sitting at home.

Coffee bean grind at home

For this, first grind the coffee bean well. What will happen with this, whenever you make coffee, it will be completely fresh coffee. Take special care of one thing while grinding the bean. That is, the bean should remain slightly thick. If you make coffee beans by grinding them at home, then it is inevitable that the test of coffee will be different.

Add water not milk to make good coffee

Did you know that about 98.5% of brewed coffee is made in water alone? This means that water plays a huge role in enhancing the taste of coffee. Always keep in mind that when you are making coffee, the water should be absolutely clean. If there is a slight odor in the water, then it affects the coffee test. Therefore, use only clean water while making coffee, otherwise the whole test of your coffee will be spoiled.

How to make CCD coffee

If you want to drink very strong and strong coffee, then the temperature of the water should be 92-95 degree Celsius. Only then will your coffee taste like CCD.

Clean the Coffee Maker With Vinegar

The coffee machine should always be kept clean. If the coffee machine is dirty then the taste of the coffee will be spoiled. Whenever you use the coffee maker, always keep the dirt of the machine clean. Clean the bean hopper and grinder every week. At least once a month, clean the coffee machine with vinegar so that no smell remains in it. Wash thoroughly before reapplying for a perfect cup of coffee each time.

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