Make Rabri Shahi Piece from bread on Diwali, will not like to eat other sweets

Diwali Homemade Sweets Recpipe: A huge amount of adulteration is being found in the sweets available in the market on Diwali. This is the reason that nowadays people buy such sweets or food items which are not adulterated. If you do not want to eat the adulterated sweets of the market, then you can make tasty desserts at home with very little effort. You can make delicious shahi crumbs also known as shahi toast from bread. Shahi Tukda is a quick and easy festival recipe. Diwali But with the help of this recipe, you must make a royal piece at home.

Ingredients for making the royal piece
You need white bread to make Shahi Tukda. Take desi ghee or olive oil to fry it. You will need sugar and water to make syrup. Don’t forget to add cardamom for fragrance. Rabri has to be prepared with milk, sugar and dry fruits.

how to make royal icing

    1. First of all cut the brown part from the edge of the bread. Now cut the bread into triangles or squares. You can make 2 or 4 pieces of one bread.
    1. Now heat ghee in a pan and fry the bread on high flame. You have to fry all the bread.
    1. Mix sugar and water in a pan to make sugar syrup, you have to make thin syrup like gulab jamun. When the syrup is ready, add cardamom powder to it.
    1. Now boil milk, sugar free and saffron in the pan. Add small raisins and cashew nuts to it. When the milk becomes like rabri, then turn off the gas.
    1. Let the syrup cool down a bit and now put all the royal pieces in the syrup. After 5 minutes take them out from the syrup and keep the pieces of bread in a plate.
    1. Now apply some rabri on the pieces of bread dipped in sugar syrup and serve them cold or at normal temperature. You will not find such a taste in any dessert.

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