Make Sitopaladi churna at home, children will stay away from cold and flu throughout the year

Sitopaladi Churna Ingredients: Nowadays, the problem of cold and cold is troubling children the most. By feeding medicines for a long time, the effect of medicines is also not as fast. In such a situation, you can think of some home remedies or Ayurvedic treatment. Because this is not a disease that can be cured immediately. When the weather changes, the cold increases or due to some kind of carelessness, the first cold troubles the children. In such a situation, you can feed Sitopaladi churna, the recipe used by grandmother and grandmother. This removes the problem of cough and cold of the child. Most people feed this powder to infants and young children. Sitopaladi churna helps in curing chronic cough and cold. It also removes the problem of sinus. If you want, you can also make Sitopaladi churna at home. Know how to make Sitopaladi Churna and how and when to eat it?

Sitopaladi churna recipe
1- First make 140 grams of sugar candy into a powder. You can make powder by crushing or grinding sugar candy.
2- Now make a powder by grinding 80 grams of Vansh Lochan and 40 grams of Pippali.
3- You have to put 20 small cardamom in it. Which is to be peeled and grinded.
4- Along with this you also grind 10 grams of cinnamon.
5- Now mix all these powdered things together in a big vessel.
6- Sitopaladi churna made at home is ready. You keep it in an air tight container.

Benefits of Sitopaladi Churna
1- Removes cold, cough and phlegm
2- Beneficial in asthma, it causes inflammation of the respiratory tract, infection and less mucus is produced.
3- Helpful in bronchitis, reduces congestion in the chest and melts phlegm
4- People who sneeze as soon as they wake up in the morning or have any kind of allergy, then they get benefit from it.
5- Helps to overcome the problems of sinus and runny nose.
6- Prevents the accumulation of phlegm in the lungs in wet cough. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties melt away phlegm.
7- It is beneficial in dry cough. This reduces infection and keeps the lungs clean.
8. Digestion is strengthened with Sitopaladi churna. It increases appetite and removes iron deficiency in the body.

How to eat Sitopaladi Churna
If you are using Sitopaladi churna in the morning, then take it with ghee. Give this powder to the baby by mixing it with ghee. If the child is not eating, then heat it lightly and apply it on his navel. If you are taking it at night, then take it lukewarm with honey. You do not have to drink water immediately after this.

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