Malaika Arora got furious over the false news of pregnancy, gave such a reaction on social media

Malaika Arora Reaction On Fake Pregnancy: The news of the pregnancy of Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has come to the fore, on which the reaction of the actress has now come to the fore. Sometime back, boyfriend Arjun Kapoor had lashed out at the media for Malaika becoming a mother.

Malaika is going to be the mother of Arjun’s first child?
Let us tell you that Bollywood actress, dancer and fashion diva Malaika Arora has been dating actor Arjun Kapoor for a long time. Recently news came out that Malaika is going to be the mother of Arjun’s first child, which created a sensation in the media. Even on social media, netizens were shocked about Malaika’s first pregnancy with boyfriend Arjun. However, now the actress herself has given her answer, terming this news as false.

Malaika lambasted the website for publishing the false news of her pregnancy, calling it a very bad act. Sharing a photo of Arjun Kapoor’s reaction on his Instagram stories, he wrote, “This is very “disgusting” and shameful.”

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Arjun Kapoor was furious on hearing the news
Before Malaika, actor Arjun Kapoor also called this news nonsense. Sharing a post on social media, he wrote, ‚ÄúThis is a very fallen act. Such news is being written continuously, we ignore it, but it spreads in the media and becomes a part of the truth. Describing such reports as insensitive, Arjun said, “Don’t you dare play with our personal life.”

Actually, recently news was published on a news portal in which it was told that Malaika Arora is pregnant. She is about to become the mother of Arjun Kapoor’s first child, after which the couple had to issue their statement. Let me tell you, Malaika is in a serious relationship with Arjun Kapoor after her divorce from husband Arbaaz Khan. After the news of dating surfaced, Malaika and Arjun were also trolled a lot in the beginning.

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