Manicure At Home: When manicure can be done with these things present at home, then why go to the parlor

Manicure At Home: It is true that we do not take care of our hands and feet as much as we take care of our face, due to which the skin of our hands looks dry and black. In such a situation, the way we take care of our skin, in the same way we should also take care of our hands. It is not necessary that hands should be taken care of only by going to expensive products and parlours. We can also do manicure at home by doing some home remedies, let’s know what is that home method.

Apart from Vitamin C, antioxidant in orange, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. As many qualities are there in orange, as many qualities are there in orange peel. With this we can manicure our hands.

Manicure with orange peel and curd

1.For use, first take curd in a bowl.

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2.Now dry the orange peel and make a very fine powder with the help of a mixer.

3.Now mix it in curd and add two drops of lemon to it and mix it well.

4.Now clean your hands thoroughly and apply this paste on your hands.

5.After about 25 to 30 minutes, clean your hands with the help of cotton.

6.You can do this once or twice a week. With this you will get to see a lot of effect.

What are the benefits of this paste?

Yogurt is known as a natural moisturizer. The nutrients present in it help to clean our skin and make it glow. Along with this, curd is also considered very good for cleaning the dirt present in the nails of the hands. We all know the benefits of the same orange, nutrients like calcium, magnesium, vitamin C are found in it. Many types of skin related problems are removed by using orange peel. It can be used to reduce blackness from the skin and when a paste of curd and orange is made, a good mixture is prepared. It works to reduce natural glow and dryness

Know the precautions before applying the paste

If you are allergic to yogurt or allergic to anything present in the paste, then avoid using it. If you want to do manicure with this paste during winter, then do manicure in the afternoon, because curd has a cooling effect. If you apply in the morning or evening, then you may have problems like cough and cold.

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