Manoj Tiwari’s fate changed after this accident on the stage, know what was the whole matter ..

Manoj Tiwari stage incident: Manoj Tiwari is going to become a father at the age of 51. Manoj Tiwari is being discussed everywhere on social media. Recently, Manoj Tiwari has shared the video of his wife’s baby shower on his Instagram. Manoj Tiwari is a well-known name from Bhojpuri cinema to the world of politics. Manoj Tiwari has spent his whole life working hard to achieve this position. Manoj Tiwari has taken off in his career by singing devotional songs in small temples. Today we are going to tell you one such story related to Manoj Tiwari, after listening to which you will surely become his fan.

The world of Manoj Tiwari’s singing is crazy. Whenever Manoj Tiwari sings in his melodious voice, he gets engrossed in his own tune. A similar incident happened with Manoj Tiwari in the early stages of his career as well. Do you know that when Manoj Tiwari went to sing a devotional song in the program, while singing the song, his head started bleeding, but even after bleeding, he did not stop the song in the middle.

Actually, it happened that when Manoj Tiwari was called in the program, he was already injured, his head was already hurt and while singing the song, blood started flowing from the injury on his head. But Manoj Tiwari was so engrossed in his song that he could not see the blood and kept on singing.

When the news of Manoj Tiwari’s passion reached the filmmakers, the singer’s life changed overnight. After this sentence, Manoj Tiwari never looked back. He took such a flight in his film journey that today he has become not only Bhojpuri but also a well-known name of the country.

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