Market: Market cap of 9 out of top 10 companies increased by Rs 2.12 lakh, these stocks showed strength

Market Capitalisation: The stock market has witnessed a good growth in the last week and there has been a strong increase in the market capitalization of the top companies. The market capitalization of nine companies out of the top 10 companies in the market increased by more than Rs 2.12 lakh crore in total last week. During this period, the maximum increase has happened in the market capitalization of HDFC Bank and TCS.

Last week, BSE Sensex based on 30 shares climbed 844.68 points or 1.38 percent. In terms of market capitalization, only Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) M-Cap has decreased in the top ten companies in this week. At the same time, the remaining nine companies increased their market capitalization by a total of Rs 2,12,478.82 crore last week.

The biggest gain was seen in these stocks
During this period, the market capitalization of HDFC Bank increased the most by Rs 63,462.58 crore to Rs 8,97,980.25 crore. The valuation of Tata Consultancy Services also increased by Rs 36,517.34 crore to Rs 12,13,378.03 crore. The market capitalization of HDFC rose by Rs 29,422.52 crore to Rs 4,81,818.83 crore and the mcap of Reliance Industries increased by Rs 26,317.30 crore to Rs 17,80,206.22 crore.

The market capitalization of information technology company Infosys also increased by Rs 23,626.96 crore to Rs 6,60,650.10 crore and that of Adani Enterprises by Rs 20,103.92 crore to Rs 4,56,992.25 crore. State Bank of India’s valuation rose by Rs 6,559.59 crore to Rs 5,36,458.41 crore and Bharti Airtel’s valuation rose by Rs 5,591.05 crore to Rs 4,59,773.28 crore. The market capitalization of ICICI Bank increased by Rs 877.56 crore to Rs 6,32,192.05 crore.

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The shares of this company suffered losses in the last week.
However, the market capitalization of Hindustan Unilever has decreased by Rs 3,912.07 crore to Rs 5,88,220.17 crore in this week and it is the only company in the top 10 whose market cap has decreased.

Which company occupies the top number
In terms of market capitalization, Reliance Industries continues to hold the first position among the top companies in the country. It is followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, State Bank of India, HDFC, Bharti Airtel and Adani Enterprises.

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