May the happiness of Diwali not fade away, take care of the new born baby like this

Newborn Baby Care: Light and happiness are spread all around on the occasion of Diwali. This festival is full of joy. But sometimes a small mishap can spoil the joy of the festival. So don’t let the fun fade away in this festival of happiness. For this you need to take care of every little thing. Especially if you have a new born baby in your house, then avoid doing some mistakes so that along with you, your baby’s first Diwali can be celebrated with happiness. Let’s know how to take care of the new born baby in the first Diwali …

Breastfeed from time to time

Often you must have seen that many types of work are done in Diwali. In the meantime, do not forget to feed your baby at all. If you forget to feed them, it can affect their health. Apart from this, if you feed them with a bottle due to too much busyness, then it can be a big mistake of yours. Because of this, your child can fall ill very quickly.

Flowers can cause problems for the baby

On the special occasion of Diwali, many people decorate their home with fresh flowers, but it can be fatal for your baby. Actually, many times newborn babies complain of allergies to flowers, due to which they can have problems like fever and asthma. So try to keep babies away from flowers.

don’t leave the room alone

Diwali On this occasion, many types of guests knock in the house. In such a situation, do not forget your baby in welcoming them. Try not to leave the child’s room alone and go out. This could be your big mistake. This can make children very restless and irritable.

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