Measles can damage the central nervous system like this

Measles Treatment: The effect of Kovid has not been that much in the country. Herd immunity, antibody development and vaccine have been important factors behind this in neutralizing Kovid. Vaccination of other diseases was affected due to Covid. Due to which the danger of spreading of many diseases has arisen. At present, measles has become a tension bud for scientists and doctors. Not only in the country, it has emerged as a big threat in the world. In the country’s financial capital Mumbai, this virus has caught more than 200 children. 13 children have lost their lives after getting infected with this virus. Today we are going to tell this. How the virus becomes fatal and attacks the nervous system of children.

Can damage the central nervous system

Doctors say that the vaccine is considered the only prison to protect against most viruses. Doctors say that till now it has been revealed in the study that no vaccine can protect 100 percent from any disease. It is the same with measles. But if two vaccines are given to the child, then it can be quite safe.

Doctors told that if the child has not got the vaccine and is physically weak. Red eyes, pneumonia, diarrhoea, ear infection, brain infection can be seen in such children. Sometimes it can cause subacute sclerosing panencephalitis disease. In this disease, the central nervous system gets damaged. This disease also becomes fatal.

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2-year-olds at higher risk

Measles can happen to any age and person. But more and more children are coming in its grip. Doctors say that children below the age of 5 years can be more vulnerable to this virus. The biggest danger is for a child up to 2 years old. These kids need to be isolated. This disease is contagious and spreads very quickly from one person to another.

Antibodies are made in 4 weeks

It takes time for antibodies to develop after vaccination. Doctors say that it takes 4 weeks for antibodies to develop after vaccination. The best way to prevent this is only vaccination. Those who have not yet got their children vaccinated against measles. They should get small children vaccinated against measles as soon as possible.

what are the symptoms now

It takes ten days for symptoms to appear after exposure to the virus. Some of the common initial symptoms include cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, loss of appetite, high fever and body aches. After five days, rashes start appearing. These look like blotchy red marks. These usually start behind the ear of the child. Later spread to other parts.

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