Meesho denied plans to raise funds, gave big information about IPO

Meesho: Online fashion platform Meesho has given a big statement regarding raising funds. The company has informed that it does not have shortage of funds and at present there is no plan to raise funds from the market. The company’s CEO and co-founder Vidit Atrey (Meesho CEO Vidit Aatrey) told that we have sufficient funds to run the company. The company had raised a large amount of funds in the year 2021. In such a situation, at this time there is no shortage of any kind of fund. Significantly, at this time there are many such startup companies in the market, which are struggling with lack of funds. Along with this, the CEO of the company has also given information about the IPO.

Meesho has enough funds

Talking to Business Today, Vidit Atre said that we are fortunate that we had raised sufficient funds in the year 2021. This fund was more than needed. In such a situation, now we do not have shortage of money. Along with this, he said that at present the company has no plan to raise funds from the market. The company can run its operations for years without any problem.

The company last raised money from the market 15 months ago on September 2021. The company had raised $570 million in funding from Fidelity and Capital Group. Apart from this, the company raised $ 300 million from SoftBank Vision Fund.

CEO said this about IPO

Apart from this, the company’s CEO Vidit Atre said that the company will now bring its Initial Public Offer (IPO) to raise further funds. After the company becomes profitable, he will consider bringing an IPO. Let us tell you that there have been reports about Meesho’s IPO for a long time.

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