Microsoft layoffs: Microsoft laid off over 1,000 employees

Microsoft Layoffs: The giant IT company Microsoft has fired 1,000 people. This is the third time since July that the company has fired such a large number of people. This news has come out from the news website of America.

Microsoft has about 1.80 lakh total employees. And since July, the company has fired 1 percent of the people. According to Microsoft, we regularly evaluate our business priorities based on which decisions are taken. Following the July layoffs, the company laid off 200 employees from one of its customer-focused research and development projects.

In recent times, due to the fear of global economic crisis and recession, many companies have fired employees. It is believed that the coming days may be more difficult. It is believed that the company has laid off people from different levels and teams. Many employees who have been laid off have taken to Twitter and talked about being fired. However, the company did not say how many people have been fired.

According to the data prepared by Crunchbase, big tech companies in America have fired 32000 people. These companies also include Meta with Microsoft. Ride-sharing platforms Uber and Netflix along with several cryptocurrency exchanges and lending platforms have laid off people.

Recently news came that Intel Corp is preparing to lay off people on a large scale. It is believed that the company can lay off thousands of employees. In fact, due to the continuous decline in the sales of personal computer segment, PC processors, the company is facing a crisis.

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