Milk can make heart sick, if you are drinking it, be careful, know the reason here

Saturated Fat Milk Side Effects: A person remains healthy with a healthy diet. Doctors also advise that good food is necessary to stay fit. Milk is also considered the best source for a healthy diet. It is rich in calcium. Other nutrients are also present. But what if the doctor says that drinking milk itself can be dangerous for health, then here is something to think about. Scientist has also warned about this. Let’s try to know that what kind of milk can also make the heart sick. How to be careful with this.

drinking milk can cause heart disease

According to media reports, scientists doing PhD at Bristol University claim that consumption of dairy products including milk can lead to heart disease. Slowly this problem increases in people. Later it turns into a serious problem. In this case, caution should be taken while consuming milk.

Why does it become a problem?

Doctors said that milk and milkshakes contain a large amount of saturated fat. These are very harmful for health. He told that a study was done regarding the blood vessels of the heart. It was revealed that the consumption of dairy products with high saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease.

drink low fat milk

People who take food with less saturated fat. They have a very low risk of heart attack as compared to those who consume more saturated fat. They are also less likely to have blood pressure and diabetes. High sugar milk and saturated milk should not be consumed as a healthy diet. Low fat milk is considered a better option for controlling heart and cholesterol.

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