Milk Price Hiked: Inflation shock, Mother Dairy increased the price of milk, know how expensive it became

Milk Price Hiked: The general public is not seeing any relief from inflation. Now the price of milk (Milk Price Hiked) has increased again. Mother Dairy has increased the price of milk and Full Cream Milk will now be available at Rs 64 per liter instead of Rs 63 per litre. The price of milk has increased by Re 1 per litre.

Token milk also became expensive
Apart from this, Mother Dairy has also increased the price of tokenized milk and made it costlier by Rs 2 per litre. Mother Dairy has increased the price of token milk from Rs 48 per liter to Rs 50 per litre. That is, now everyday milk and tea is also going to cost you dearly.

where is the relief
However, it is a matter of relief that there has been no increase in the price of half a liter (500 ML) packet of full cream milk. That is, if you buy 2 packs of 500 ml for 1 kg, you will get Mother Dairy’s full cream milk at the same price as before.

Milk will get costlier from tomorrow
The increased prices of Mother Dairy will be effective from tomorrow i.e. Monday. The biggest impact of these price hikes will be on the people of Delhi-NCR as Mother Dairy Company is one of the largest milk supplying companies in Delhi NCR.

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Mother Dairy increased milk prices for the fourth time this year
Mother Dairy has increased the prices of its milk for the fourth time this year. On October 16, it increased the price of full cream milk along with cow’s milk by Rs 2 per liter in Delhi-NCR and other cities of North India. Earlier in March and August too, Mother Dairy had increased the price of its milk packets by Rs 2 per litre.

Mother Dairy had increased the prices in October as well
Recently, Mother Dairy and Amul had increased the prices of milk in the month of October as well. Amul and Mother Dairy had increased the price of milk by Rs 2-2 per litre, which included full cream milk and cow milk.

Company spokesperson gave information
The spokesperson of this company has given information about increasing the price of Mother Dairy’s milk. About 30 lakh liters of Mother Dairy’s milk is consumed per day in Delhi-NCR. Now that Mother Dairy has increased the prices, it is feared that other companies may also increase the prices of milk.

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