‘Mirzapur’ fame Jitendra Shastri passed away, actor Sanjay Mishra expressed grief

Jitendra Shastri Passes Away: Very bad news is coming out for Hindi cinema. Industry veteran Jitendra Shastri passed away on Saturday. Jitendra Shastri played an important role in Amazon Prime Video’s superhit web series Mirzapur apart from many films during his acting career. After the death of Jitendra Shastri, there has been a wave of mourning in the film industry. Meanwhile, Bollywood superstar Sanjay Mishra has mourned on social media after hearing the news of his dear friend’s death.

Powerful actor Jitendra Shastri is no more

Saturday 15 October was the day when Jitendra Shastri has left this world. Jitendra Shastri was last seen in TVF’s famous web series Tripling. Everyone on social media is mourning the death of Jitu Shastri. Also, film actor Sanjay Mishra has been very surprised and saddened by the death of Jitendra Shastri. Hearing the news of Jeetu’s death, Sanjay Mishra has made a tweet on his official Twitter handle. In this tweet, Sanjay Mishra has shared a video of himself and Jitendra Shastri. At the same time, Sanjay has written that- ‘If you were Jitu Bhai, Mishra would have spoken this, sometimes it happens that the name remains in the mobile but the person goes out of the network. You may be out of the world but will always be a memory in my heart and mind. Sanjay Mishra’s heart is badly broken after the death of Jitendra Shastri.

Jitu Shastri left an impression of acting in these films

Before saying goodbye to the world at the age of 65, Jitendra Shastri has contributed his strong performance in Hindi cinema. Jitendra Shastri had set an example of his best acting in many films like the film India’s Most Wanted, Charas, Lajja and Black Friday. Through these films, Jitu Shastri will always be alive in the hearts of his fans.

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