Money Laundering: During the hearing, Jacqueline accused the ED of harassing them, what did she say?

Money Laundering Case Jacqueline Fernandez: Patiala House Court hearing is going on today on the regular bail plea of ​​Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez in the money laundering case. With which Jacqueline has reached the court. During the hearing in the court, Jacqueline Fernandez has accused the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of harassing her. Along with this, he also said that all the allegations against him are baseless.

Jacqueline Fernandez said in the court that she keeps coming abroad in connection with her work, but I was stopped. I was going to visit my mother in January last year. But didn’t let me go. Not only this, Jacqueline told in the court that she had also mailed to the investigating agency regarding this, but no response has come from her.

‘ED is bothering me’

During the hearing in the court, Jacqueline’s lawyer said that she has not done anything and is cooperating in the investigation. But ED is harassing them in this matter. The lawyer of the actress said that Jacqueline herself surrendered in this case and the court has also granted her interim bail.

On the other hand, as soon as the hearing started, the court asked the ED’s lawyer to give copies of all the documents related to the case. It was also said that a copy of the supplementary charge sheet should also be given.

During the hearing in the court, ED’s lawyer said that why are you adopting the policy of pick and suck. The ED further told the court that when Jacqueline was confronted with the evidence, she told the facts. The ED also told the court that Jacqueline is a foreign national and her family lives in Sri Lanka. The ED told the court that in December 2021, Jacqueline also tried to escape.

‘Why not arrest Jacqueline’

Hearing this statement of the same ED, the court questioned that if you had enough evidence against Jacqueline, then why did you not arrest her. The court asked the ED that you have issued LOC but why did not arrest..

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