Most heart attacks come in winter! Learn how to take care of heart

Heart Attack In Winter: With the arrival of cold weather, the risk of many diseases including infection, cold-cough, fever increases. The most dangerous of these is Heart Attack. The risk of heart attack increases in winter. Therefore, taking care of heart health is of utmost importance. Today we are going to tell you the ways to avoid heart attack, by which you can make your heart strong and also avoid the risk of heart attack. Learn special tips.. Dil Kise

The risk of heart attack is higher in these people

european journal of According to a research published in Epidemiology, people who are overweight, or are troubled by the problem of obesity, or people who are high Those suffering from the problem of blood pressure, the risk of heart attack increases up to 30 times during the winter season.

blood clotting heart attack

During the winter season, due to the narrowing of our blood vessels, the pressure increases and the blood pressure also starts increasing. As BP increases, cases of heart attack start coming to the fore. According to experts, in winter, blood clots start forming in the body of people, due to which the chances of heart attack also increase.

Higher risk of heart attack in the morning

In cold weather, people get heart attack in most of the cases in the morning. In winter, due to the fall in the temperature in the morning, the body temperature also decreases. Due to this, the blood pressure can increase while equalizing the body temperature, which becomes the cause of heart attack.

Take care of heart health like this

1. Do not go for a walk in winter between 6 am to 7 am. Go out for a walk only after 9 in the morning.

2. Eat less salt.

3. Spend maximum time in the sun.

4. Do some exercise daily.

5. Keep control on the diet and avoid eating fried, roasted, sweet.

6. Take special care of cold clothes. Keeping yourself covered is very important in winters.

7. It is important to check blood pressure regularly. Especially for those whose BP remains high.

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