Mouth is dry again and again, has corona caught you?

Corona Virus: The havoc of Corona was seen not only in the country but in the world. Omicron, Delta variants fiercely caught people in their grip. Omicron in many countries and Delta cases were seen in many more. More people came in the grip of Delta variants in India. This virus also took the lives of thousands of people across the country. The virus has not been as effective due to immunity, development and vaccination against the virus. But the virus is still gripping people. New symptoms of Kovid are being seen in the study being done every day.

Get tested for corona if mouth is dry

Along with the new variants of the virus, its symptoms also keep changing. According to media reports, according to a research paper recently published in the journal Future Virology, xerostomia i.e. dry mouth is now the primary symptom of corona virus. If your mouth is also dry, then do not ignore it. Go and see a doctor immediately.

The condition of xerostomia has arisen

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In xerostomia, the salivary glands do not make enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. If the mouth is dry, you may feel that your saliva looks thick and hard. This can cause difficulty in chewing, speaking and swallowing, as well as bad breath. Symptoms include a sore throat, wheezing, and a raised or dry tongue. Researchers found that these symptoms were seen in 60 percent of the Kovid cases in the team’s study.

Dry mouth before other symptoms

Researchers observed that dry mouth is an indication of covid and it started appearing 3 to 4 days before other symptoms. In Kovid, the symptoms of xerostomia started to emerge before the other symptoms. Its advantage to the patient is that they can start treatment soon after seeing the first symptoms. This will help the patient recover quickly.

Other symptoms are also showing

Other symptoms are also visible in people who have been affected by Covid. People who have taken all doses of the vaccine and become infected with the virus include sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, persistent cough, headache, sneezing.

Disclaimer: The methods and methods mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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