Multiple tabs will be able to run simultaneously on Google Chrome, Google has found a solution to the problem of slowness!

Google Chrome Update: Google is reportedly working on a new tool. It is expected that this new tool will allow Chrome users to snooze unused tabs. This will help free up the memory on the users computer to use for other applications. According to a report by Android Police, a Reddit user has noticed a new performance page in the Settings menu in the latest Canary build of Chrome. There are two new features in the build – Memory Saver and Energy Saver Mode. Let us know about them in detail.

memory saver mode

Memory Saver Mode is helpful in hibernating those tabs which users have not used for a long time. Working with multiple tabs open in Chrome at the same time consumes a lot of memory, which makes the computer slow. So with the new Google Chrome feature, users will be able to snooze tabs that are not in use. Although it is only a guess that Google Chrome is going to bring such a feature.

Let us know that if a user goes back to the snoozed tab again, a pop-up will appear that will tell how much RAM has been freed up for other tasks. A screenshot has also been shared in the released report. While sharing the screenshot, it has been told in the report that when a user visits them again, the inactive tabs will become active again. The report states that users will have permission to toggle the memory saver on or off.

battery saver mode

On the other hand, the battery saver mode will allow users to turn off the high refresh rate feature and visual effects, which will allow them to improve the battery life of their device. With this feature, users will be able to limit background activities. Please note that this feature is currently available on Chrome Canary. It is expected that this feature will be introduced to everyone very soon.

Google has announced that it may end Chrome support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 by early 2023. According to the Google support page, Chrome 110 will be the last version to support these two older Microsoft Windows versions. Google Chrome version 110 is expected to be released on February 7, 2023.

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