Must eat these 3 things in winter, there will be no pain in knees

Foods To Avoid For Arthritis: With age, people start getting troubled by the problem of arthritis. The problem of arthritis patients increases in winter. Due to cold, there is pain in the bones and knees. Actually, due to the increase in uric acid in the joints of the bones, joint pain starts. It is called Arthritis in English. According to experts, one out of every five in India is suffering from arthritis. Earlier this disease was seen only in elderly people, but now even younger people are suffering from arthritis and joint pain. This makes walking the most difficult. However, arthritis can be cured to a great extent with home remedies. Let us know which things should be eaten by a patient of arthritis in winter.

1- Garlic- In winter, definitely include garlic in the diet. Eating garlic provides relief in arthritis. Sulfur and antioxidants are found in garlic. This corrects the cartilage. People who eat 2-3 garlic cloves daily in the morning on an empty stomach, they get a lot of relief in the problem of arthritis.
2- Fenugreek- You must consume fenugreek to get relief from joint pain. Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory properties. It is full of anti arthritic properties. Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids are found in fenugreek, which provides relief in arthritis. The patient of arthritis should drink water after boiling 2 spoons of fenugreek in water. You drink it like tea on an empty stomach.
3- Coriander- Plenty of antioxidant elements are found in arthritis pain. This gives relief in joint pain. Coriander is very beneficial for joint pain. Arthritis patients drink water soaked coriander seeds, it is beneficial. If you want, you can drink coriander powder by adding it to lukewarm water. Its consumption will give relief in arthritis.

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    1. Arthritis patient should include more and more green vegetables in the diet.
    1. Eating citrus and seasonal fruits provides relief in joint pain.
    1. Milk and curd should also be consumed in curing the pain of arthritis.
    1. Eating bran bread in food also gives benefit.
    1. Sprouted moong and gram should also be eaten by the patient of joint pain and arthritis.

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