Must keep these 5 medical equipment at home

New Delhi: Often you all must have seen that we prepare for the future. Be it business, education, investment or any other thing. Every person definitely plans something about the future. For the coming 10 days, 1 month, 1 year, we definitely do some planning. Planning is done according to the need of the person. We do plan for things that happen in the long run, but during this time we are not prepared for those things that can happen to us suddenly.

Yes, there are very few people who are mentally and technically prepared for any medical emergency that comes in the family. If we are technically prepared for a medical emergency in advance, we can save someone’s life when the time comes. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about five such medical equipment which must be in every person’s home. In another language, these equipment can alert you before any major medical emergency and can save your life.

Why is a First Aid Box Important?

There should be a first aid box in every person’s house. Also, all the family members should come to give first aid. Apart from first aid, you must also have a weight machine, BP machine, glucometer, thermometer and pulse oximeter in your house. All these equipment can prove to be effective in preventing any major disease and dealing with emergency.

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weight machine

Obesity has become a problem for the people. Troubled by obesity, people are following different types of exercise and diet plans. If you want to know about your bodyweight from time to time at home, then you must have a weight machine. In case of weight gain or loss, you can do this check at home and take necessary steps for this. In the market, you will find many types of weight machines within just Rs. 1,000. These machines are small in appearance but, it can save you from big diseases.


With the passage of time, the food habits, lifestyle and lifestyle have changed. Due to the change in lifestyle, the problem of sugar has become common today. In 1 out of every 3 families, you will definitely hear the problem of sugar. A person may have serious problems if the sugar level suddenly rises or falls. If a person in your house has a problem with blood sugar, then it is necessary to monitor it continuously. Glucometer should be in every person’s home to monitor the sugar level. Glucometer gives instant information about blood sugar in the body. You don’t have to pay much for this.

bp machine

The problem of BP has also become common today. In such a situation, there must be a BP machine in every house. You keep checking your BP from time to time through this machine. BP machine gives information about blood pressure in the body. Let us tell you that there are two types of blood pressure in which the first is systolic and the second is diastolic. The upper blood pressure is called systolic whereas, the lower blood pressure is known as diastolic. The normal reading of diastolic should be less than 80 whereas, the normal reading of systolic should be between 110 to 120. If your blood pressure level is above or below this, contact your doctor immediately.


When the weather changes, some person in the house definitely gets fever. People whose immunity system is weak, they get fever due to change in weather. With a thermometer, you can measure the level of fever at home. If the fever increases then this device alerts you and then you can contact your doctor.

pulse oximeter

The device for which people worked hard during Corona is the Pulse Oximeter. After Corona, you will definitely find a pulse oximeter in almost every house today. With the help of pulse oximeter, you can measure the oxygen level in the body. The body of a healthy person should contain 96% oxygen. If the oxygen level in the body falls below 95 percent, then it is an alarm bell. In this case, you should immediately contact your doctor.

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