Mutual Funds: Record investment through SIP in September, investor interest in equity funds increased

Mutual Funds To Invest In 2022: The month of September has proved to be excellent for the Mutual Fund industry in the country and investment in SIP has reached a record level. According to the data of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), the regulatory body of the Mutual Fund sector in the country, last month, SIP investment came in 2 percent on a monthly basis and it has reached an all-time high of Rs 12976 crore. . On the other hand, on a monthly basis, Assets Under Management (AUM) has increased by 0.87 per cent to Rs 39.87 lakh crore in September.

Rs 14100 crore investment in equity fund
Let us tell you that in the month of September, investment in Equity Mutual Funds has increased by 130 percent to Rs 14100 crore on a monthly basis. 1 month ago in August 2022, this figure was Rs 6120 crore, which was at a 10-month low.

market drop
Investment in equity schemes increased at a time when the market was down and the Nifty 50 was down over 3 per cent. In July, Rs 8898 crore was invested in equity mutual funds, Rs 15,498 crore in June, Rs 18529 crore in May and Rs 15890 crore in April.

Withdraw money from debt schemes
It is known that after two months of bearish trend in equity mutual funds, more than Rs 10 thousand crore has been invested in September, but the opposite trend has been in debt schemes. In debt schemes, investors had invested Rs 4930 crore in July and Rs 49164 crore in August, but withdrew Rs 65372 crore in September the very next month. Earlier, in the month of June, Rs 92248 crore and in April Rs 32722 crore were withdrawn from debt schemes.

what is the reason
According to AMFI CEO NS Venkatesh, India remains a better market for investment amid fears of recession around the world, due to which investment in Indian stocks has increased. This is a good opportunity to invest in equity. On the other hand, due to withdrawal of money from debt schemes, money has been withdrawn to pay advance tax in the last month of the quarter. Long-term funds were negatively impacted due to the hike in interest rates and redemptions have picked up.

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