Negative effect of Kovid, 5 to 9 year old girls also getting periods

pubertyCorona engulfed the people in the country fiercely. The people who have been hit by the virus are still moaning. Long Covid Synonyms are being seen in people. It has had a lot of negative effect on people’s body. Now another troublesome problem has come to the fore.

Kovid has changed the cycle at the time of puberty time of adolescent girls. There have been many such cases in the country, where a 5-year-old girl to a 9-year-old girl has had periods.

big cases after covid
According to the report of India Today, Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr Manpreet Sethi told that it is normal to have a period when the child starts becoming an adult. But if early periods are happening, then its negative effect falls on the body of the children and parents also struggle with mental stress. He said that earlier where 10 such cases were seen. Now their number has increased to 30. Sometimes it happens that this problem is also seen in a 5 year old girl.

Similar cases came in other countries also
India is not the only country where such cases have been seen. In other countries including Turkey, Italy, America, children are also victims of such hormonal imbalance. In a report published in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics, it has been told that such cases have increased in lockdown during the Kovid Pandemic.

Decreases physical growth
Doctors say that having early periods has a negative effect on both the child’s mind and body. The physical growth of the child slows down. Its disadvantage is that there is a danger of decreasing the height of girls. Apart from this, it also has a direct effect on weight and metabolism. Parents are not able to prepare physically and mentally. Parents need to give this day.

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