Never apply concealer in this way to hide pimples, the look can be bad

Beauty Hack : Pimples or acne is a common problem in women, but this small problem can make your special day useless. Due to a small pimple, your moon-like face gets stained. Because even though the pimple is small, it quickly attracts the attention of others. This weakens the confidence. If there is a special occasion like marriage or a special meeting, on such occasion if you are not able to conceal your pimple properly then the chances of its appearance are very high.

Today we will tell you about those Going to introduce you to 7 mistakes that we or you often make while concealing your pimples.

1.Wrong shade: Girls. Often make mistakes in choosing concealer. Always keep in mind that the concealer should be similar to your skin, not a light shade, otherwise what you are trying to hide will be highlighted even more.

2.Mistake of not exfoliating: When you are trying to cover acne then your first step should be face exfoliate. If you skip this step, the concealer will only stick to your top skin and flake off, so try and always wear a hydrating concealer.

3. >Plucking acne: The biggest mistake people make is popping their acne before they try to cover it. This can lead to inflammation or infection, which can increase skin marks or scars.

4.Skipping the primer: The third biggest mistake women make is to avoid applying concealer. Do not use a primer first, as the primer has the ability to hold your concealer, it is important to understand that pimples are usually oily which can make it difficult for the concealer to stay put. This is why you should not skip primer.

5.Choosing the right brush:Choosing the right tools is extremely important when it comes to covering pimples. For acne-prone skin, you should choose a buffing brush with dense bristles. Blending sponge or different brushes can cause spots.

6.Concealer before foundation: People apply concealer before applying foundation, which is a big mistake. In this case, you should apply foundation first. Leave it for a while to adjust on the face. When it settles down well, then apply concealer on it, it will give you a very good look.

7. Applying more concealer than necessary: Makes pimples visible. If you apply more concealer, then the part you want to get better becomes visible even more. Avoid this and apply concealer only as much as needed, then adjust it with tissue. .


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