New method of fraud… Scammers are cheating such people with the help of AI, don’t make this mistake

Artificial Intelligence: Just as every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, so is the case with Artificial Intelligence. AI also has both disadvantages and advantages. On the one hand, where there is a lot of discussion going on in the market about Artificial Intelligence and its benefits are being talked about everywhere, on the other hand such news has come out from Canada where a couple was cheated by a scammer of 18 lakhs with the help of an AI tool. Lime has been applied. A Canadian couple said they received a phone call from a caller claiming to be their grandson’s lawyer who is in jail and needs money to get out. 

According to the Washington Post report, Ruth Card, a resident of Canada, told that she received a phone call which sounded exactly like her grandson Brendan. That is, it seemed as if his grandson was calling him. In the phone call, the person in front said that his grandson is in jail and he does not have mobile phone and money, he needs some money for bail. Ruth Card got scared on hearing this and told her husband about it.  Then both the couples who were 73 and 75 years old went to the bank from where they first withdrew 3000 Canadian dollars, then they went to another bank where they were withdrawing some more money. But the bank manager cautioned him and told him that another person had also received such a call which later turned out to be a fraud call. 

Stolen sound from youtube…

Brendan Perkin told Business Insider that his grandparents took money from a bank and sent it to the scammer via bitcoin because they thought their grandson was in trouble. Both felt as if I was talking to them but it was someone else who had used my voice. Brendan Perkin said that his video is available on YouTube from where the scammer used his voice and took away 18 lakh rupees. Scammers are changing the voice with the help of AI and fooling people. Because AI is in discussions at the moment, it is also being misused. This should not happen with you, so never trust any person’s word and never share your personal information like bank details and address etc. with anyone over phone call or online. 

This tool is in the news

Open AI’s Chat GPT is in limelight at the moment. Chat GPT is the best AI tool on machine learning, in which all publicly available data has been fed by the company. It can give you the answer to any of your questions immediately.

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