New trailer of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ released, you will be surprised to see

Avatar The Way Of Water New Trailer: The 2009 Hollywood film ‘Avatar’, directed by James Cameron, is the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide. After the first part, the audience around the world is waiting for its sequel, which is going to be completed soon. Makers have released a new trailer of its second part ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’.

13 years after the release of ‘Avatar’, its second part i.e. ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is going to be released, in which the story will be shown from the first part. It will be shown how the ‘Sully family’ (Jake, Neytiri and their children) keep themselves safe from the troubles that come in their lives and what this family does to save themselves.

astonishing trailer

On November 2, a new trailer of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ was released on YouTube, which looks quite strong. At the same time, the VFX shown in it is very spectacular and surprising. Looking at this trailer, it is known that the second part is going to be even more spectacular than the first part.

will release on this day

There has been a buzz about this James Cameron film for a long time, while the trailer that has now surfaced has increased the curiosity of the people even more. If we talk about the release date of this film, then let us tell you that ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is going to be released in theaters on 16 December.

Will be released in these languages

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ will be seen in India in English and Hindi as well as in several regional languages, including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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