Nita Ambani launches ‘Her Circle EveryBODY’ project, will work for development without discrimination

Nita Ambani New Project: Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Reliance Foundation’s Founder-Chairperson Nita Ambani has taken a new initiative by launching ‘The Her Circle, Everybody Project’. Under this initiative, Nita Ambani is trying to forget all kinds of physical discrimination and inequality and communicate positivity, which has become very important in today’s negative environment.

‘Har Circle’ reaches 31 crore women

Actually, in the year 2021, Mrs. Nita Ambani had launched ‘Har Circle’. On the second anniversary of this social platform, ‘Har Circle’ has become the biggest platform for women. It is worth noting that it has reached 31 crore women of the country. The objective behind this project brought under ‘Har Circle’, India’s leading digital content and networking platform for women, is to create a safe environment for the women of the country which is accessible to all. Nita Ambani’s effort is that through this women and girls can become more aware and forward towards their development.

What did Nita Ambani say in her address

Nita Ambani has said in her address that the main objective of this initiative is to remove all the discrimination related to size, color, religion, age, neuro-diversity and body- (physique) and treat everyone equally. It should be adopted and people should be motivated for this. Without any judgement, the feeling of kindness towards everyone in the society can be created and increased, this is the effort of this project.

On the occasion of the launch of Har Circle Everybody project, Nita Ambani said that Har Circle is about brotherhood, but also about togetherness. A solidarity based on equality, inclusion and respect for all is our basic goal. We all have seen this kind of trolling in which opinions are given on social media without knowing the battles of people, women’s struggles, there are medical issues, there could be genetic factors that people are going through and still trolling them And have to suffer humiliation. This can be harmful, especially for young minds, it can also be extremely risky. So as part of our initiative, I hope that our initiative can give people the confidence and freedom to be who they really are.

How does ‘Har Circle’ work and what are its services?

Every circle has been launched with the aim of promoting and disseminating content related to women through social media. On this portal of every circle, members can watch videos related to many topics like wellness, finance, finance, personal development, community service, beauty, fashion, entertainment, read articles about them. The services of each circle are in both Hindi and English languages. Through this platform, its members can also participate in social work through NGOs and other organizations run by women.

What has Reliance Foundation said

Reliance Foundation has also said in a statement about this that in order to realize our founder Nita Ambani’s vision of a body positive world, ‘Every Circle’ will encourage women to put themselves above all and live a life of kindness and wellness. Get inspired to make a big difference.


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