No good for those traveling without tickets! Railways recovers fine of Rs 163.27 crore

Indian Railway: Indian Railways is considered to be the lifeline of common people’s life. Every day thousands of passengers travel by train to reach their destination. In such a situation, for the safety and convenience of the passengers, the railways have made many rules. It is very important for the passengers to follow these rules.

The Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways runs ticket checking campaigns from time to time. Through this, the railway checks those passengers who are traveling in the train without any valid ticket. Railways is taking strict action against such passengers so that it does not cause any problem to the rest of the passengers.

Central Railway Ticket Checking has recently informed that between the first quarter of the financial year 2022-23 i.e. April-September 2022, the railways caught 24.58 lakh people who were traveling without tickets and carrying luggage. . The thing to be kept in mind is that this number is higher by 97.13% as compared to the financial year 2021-22.

Railways earned so much from fine
The Central Railway has collected a fine of about Rs 163.27 crore from these 24.58 lakh people. In such a situation, this penalty is 129.12% more than last year. Last year, the Railways had earned about Rs 71.26 crore as fines. The Central Railway is running a campaign against people traveling without tickets and carrying luggage. For this, Central Railway is using 1405 handheld terminals.

Every year the railways suffers crores of losses due to people traveling without tickets.
Let us tell you that due to passengers traveling without tickets, not only the rest of the passengers suffer, but Indian Railways suffers crores of losses every year. In such a situation, railways charges many times more fines from people traveling without tickets.

For this reason, different zones of the railway start ticket checking campaigns from time to time. Railways keeps requesting passengers from time to time to always travel in the train with a valid ticket. This will save you from inconvenience and there will be no financial loss to the Railways.

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