‘No one will be able to act like my mother Sridevi…’, why did Janhvi Kapoor finally say this..?

Mili Star Janhavi Kapoor on Shridevi: Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is in the headlines these days for her upcoming film ‘Mili’. Janhvi is in the lead role in this film and the trailer of the film has also been released. Meanwhile, the actress attended an event in Mumbai to promote the film where Janhvi had to face questions related to her mother Sridevi.

Janhvi’s reply on Sridevi’s film remake
In an event, Janhvi is seen answering media questions in a green shimmer sari. Then the journalist asked Janhvi if she would like to work in the remake of any film of her mother Sridevi. To this Janhvi replied, I think no one should remake any of her (mother Sridevi’s) films because no one will be able to act like her.”

I don’t want to work in mother’s biopic
Apart from this, another video of Janhvi is going viral on social media, in which she is seen giving a blunt answer to the question related to her mother’s biopic. Actually, at this event of ‘Mili’ promotion, a journalist asked the actress whether she would like to work in the biopic of her late mother Sridevi? Janhvi’s answer on this question won the hearts of the fans.

‘I don’t want to cry on stage…’
At the event, a journalist asked Janhvi in ​​Hindi, “If a biopic is made on Sridevi ji in future, would you like to work in it?” Janhvi shakes her head and smiles and says, “No, I won’t.” Then the journalist asks why? Janhvi replies, “Sir, this will be a long answer and I am hungry now.” When the journalist again insists on answering Janhvi, the actress says, “I don’t want to cry on stage.”

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