Normal delivery is better for children, know the reason

Normal Delivery: Does the way you are born decide what your immunity system will be like? And how will the body produce antibodies after taking the vaccine. Research carried out by the University of Edinburgh as well as Spaarne Hospital and Utrecht University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that babies born through normal or vaginal delivery produced twice as many protective antibodies against childhood vaccines. . This is because when a baby is born through vaginal or normal delivery, while passing through the birth canal, it comes in contact with some good bacteria which are beneficial for its health.

On the other hand, C section babies miss out on this good bacteria, so they need more vaccines or care than normal delivery babies. From the results of research published in the journal Nature Communications, it is known that these good bacteria are doubling the level of antibodies in response to pneumococcal and meningococcal vaccines.

Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil, Founder and President of Gunjan IVF World Group, told that earlier also many studies have been done on this subject and almost all of them have the same conclusion. He said that there is still research to be done on natural birth, breastfeeding, proud nutrition and other environmental factors and it is being constantly considered. Govil told that during vaginal delivery the newborn baby passes through the birth canal and during this it comes in contact with good bacteria. These bacteria release short chain fatty acids which are helpful for making antibodies. That is why the mode of birth plays an important role in determining/changing the potency of the vaccine after birth.

This does not mean that children born by C-section are weak – Dr. Gunjan

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Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil told that c-section is an urgent need which should not be seen in wrong perspective. He said that C section is resorted to to eliminate the risk factors of both mother and child. He said that there is not enough data about c-section to see whether there is actually a difference in the immunity system between children born through c-section and those born through the vaginal route regarding the vaccine. The doctor told that there is a need to take the research on a larger scale so that a correct conclusion can be drawn. He told that research has not yet included breastfeeding which is an important factor behind the immunity of a newborn child.

C-section poses a risk to babies in the long run

Gynecologist Dr. Indu Gaur said that some studies have indicated that elective c-section increases the risk of weak immunity, asthma, allergies, type one diabetes and celiac disease in the newborn. However, there is no solid evidence yet that what effect C section has on the child’s immunity system in the long run.

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