Not Shahrukh or Gauri, ‘Mannat’ follows this person’s behest

Shah Rukh Khan Wife Gauri Khan Mannat: Shah Rukh Khan is called the King Khan of Bollywood. The more popular he is, the more popular is his palace i.e. ‘Mannat’. Mannat is not just a bungalow in today’s time, but has become a tourist spot. Ahead of this every day thousands of crowds gather to be photographed. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan has told who is the boss of ‘Manant’.

Everyone thinks that the boss of ‘Mannat’ will be either Shahrukh Khan or his wife Gauri, but it is not so. Someone else’s order runs at his house. And we are not saying this, but Gauri Khan herself has said in her recent interview.

This person is the boss of ‘Mannat’

Recently, in an interview given to ANDTV, Gauri Khan told that on whose behest does the vows follow. She is none other than Gauri’s mother Savita Chhiba, who lives in Delhi. Gauri told that Mannat is remote controlled from Delhi by her mother. He said, “She keeps connected with the staff of the house, keeps sharing pictures through WhatsApp. This part of the house is dirty, this part needs cleaning. All this goes on. She has kept herself busy in all this and keeps controlling my staff.”

In this conversation, Gauri further said that her mother remote control her house through messages and phone calls. They get to learn a lot from their mother. At the same time, Gauri has said in the end that she is going to help a lot.

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