Not taking bath daily is also beneficial

As soon as the winter season starts, the children in the house, even the elders sometimes hesitate to take a bath. People do not want to take bath early in the morning in the cold. There are many people who take bath only once or twice a week. Often you must have heard that bathing daily gives many benefits to the body. But, today in this article we are going to tell you something different which you have hardly read or heard before. Actually, if you do not bathe daily in the winter season, then it also has many benefits. Yes, our body gets many benefits in winter by not taking bath daily. Let’s know about them-

Health experts also agree that taking a bath daily harms our body.

Self-cleansing skin 

If you take bath daily in the winter season, then your skin may become a victim of allergy. Because it starts getting more moisture than it needs. Dermatologist Dr. Ranela says that people take bath daily not because of being dirty, but because of looking good in the society or because of the pressure of the society. He told that it has been revealed in many studies that the skin has a better ability to clean itself. Dr. Ranela said that if a person does not go to the gym, does not live in dusty soil, then it is not necessary to bathe daily.

Daily bath makes the skin dry 

In the winter season people usually take bath with hot water. Bathing in hot water for a long time damages our skin. Our skin starts getting dry. Because natural oils are removed from the body. These natural oils made in the body keep the body moisturised and protected. If you take bath with hot water every day, then try to complete your bath in 5 to 8 minutes.

Damages nails

Bathing with hot water daily damages the nails. While taking a bath, our nails absorb water and then they become soft and break. Bathing in hot water strips away the natural oil of the nails, making them dry and brittle.

Our immunity is also affected

Studies tell that if you take bath daily in cold then it also weakens the immunity system. Skin specialists around the world agree that daily bathing in the cold season is not beneficial.

Saves water

If you do not take bath daily then you are saving water by this. According to a study, 55 liters of water is wasted daily in a person’s bath.

Good bacteria get killed 

Experts say that our skin produces good bacteria that keep the body healthy and protect it from chemical toxins. Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, assistant professor at George Washington University, says that daily bathing removes the natural oils of the skin. Due to this, the good bacteria of our body are also removed and our immunity system becomes weak.

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