Not with Vaseline, this oil can heal chapped lips overnight

Dry Lips: Chapped lips have become a custom as soon as the cold weather comes. As soon as winter comes, children, old people and all of you are also troubled by chapped lips. No matter how many creams you apply or use Vaseline, the process of chapped lips continues. Sometimes the lips become so dry in winter, that even blood starts coming from the lips. Such chapped lips are no less beautiful than any stain. So today in this article we will know why lips crack in winter and what measures should be taken to make it soft and supple as before.

1.There are many reasons for chapped lips in winter, but the biggest reason is the lack of water in the body. Yes, as soon as the weather turns cold, we reduce the intake of water, in such a situation the moisture gets reduced from the body and its effect is visible on the face and lips.

2.The dry wind blowing in winter also causes chapped lips. In such a situation, we should avoid such wind.

3.Experts believe that excessive sun exposure can be another reason for dry lips.

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4.Lips become very dry in winter, in such a situation, if we repeatedly touch the lips or lick them with the tongue, then this can also be a reason for chapped lips.

5.Applying hard products like lipstick also affects your lips.

Although there are many such products available in the market, by applying which we can moisturize our lips, but by adopting some home remedies, we can take care of lips in a natural way.

Take care of chapped lips with these tips

1. Almond Oil: Apply almond oil every day before sleeping, it will not chap your lips and your lips will remain pink and soft throughout the winter.

2. Apply Desi Ghee: Even after using honey paste on the lips, they do not burst or else the chapped lips heal very quickly. So if you are troubled by chapped lips, then use this home remedy.

3. Coconut Oil: Using coconut oil on the lips removes dryness of the lips. Coconut oil rich in medicinal properties hydrates the skin and gets rid of chapped lips because the anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties present in coconut oil remove the dryness of the skin. Coconut oil rich in moisturizing properties retains moisture in the lips.

4. Cream: If you are troubled by chapped lips, then apply cream on the lips two to three times a day. Massaging with cream removes dryness of the lips. Contains Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, Elements like calcium are present, which help in removing dryness of the skin and make the skin healthy.

Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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