Now if there is a mental problem, you will get help immediately, know how the government’s tele-manas service will work

Benefits Of Tele Manas: Mental health problems are constantly taking a formidable form. Especially after Corona, people’s mental health problems have increased a lot. In such a situation, everyone was feeling the lack of such a service, which is available 24 hours and people suffering from mental health can get help on priority. Keeping this in mind, Tele Manas Seven has been launched by Union Health Ministry in collaboration with AIIMS and other health institutions providing mental health services. Find out when and how you can take advantage of this service here…

What is Tele Manas Sev?

Tele Manas service is a service provided through a helpline number, in which you can call on the given number and share your problem with mental health experts. The experts connected with you through the phone will listen to your problems and will try to give you immediate relief through counseling. If they feel that you need to meet them face to face, they will make an appointment or refer you to a mental health specialist near your area.

How to take Tele Manas service?

You have to call on 14416 or 1-800-91-4416 to avail Tele Manas service. Your number will be linked to the IVRS service and then your call will be transferred to any mental health expert in the area where you live. So that you can talk to the experts closest to you in your language.

Who can use Tele Manas?

Tele Manas service has been started for the people suffering from mental problem. If you are having trouble understanding the situations in which you can call this number, the situations mentioned here will guide you…

  • If you are suffering from any mental problem like anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts etc. then you can get help by calling on given number.
  • If you are so much troubled by your social and family situation that the thought of suicide is coming in your mind again and again, then you can call on this number.
  • If you have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and suddenly your condition worsens but you are unable to go to your doctor due to nightfall or being alone at home, then you can also call this number in these situations .

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